Collection: Candle & Wax Accessories

Wax Cutters are Perfect for Cutting Larger Wax Melts and Tarts into Pieces to fit your Individual Wax Melter Needs Without using your Own Kitchen Utensils. Make of Sharp Stainless Steel with a Plastic Handle. They fit right in the Palm of your Hand and are Easy clean up!

Electric Candle Warmers & Melters are Perfect for Not Only Wickless Candles but Candles that are Wicked. Using Electric Candle Warmers Eliminates Black Walls from Smoke from Wicks and the Worry of Forgetting to Extinguish your Candle. The Best Part is when you Use the Candle Warmer/Melter Instead of Lighting the Wick, Your Candle Lasts Longer and Produces a Stronger Scent Throw!!!