Collection: Realistic Dessert & Food Style Drink Candles

Our Handmade, Realistic Dessert & Food Style Drink Candles are Made of Strongly Scented, Premium Custom Blended Soy Wax. We Custom Blend All of Our Fragrances In-House, Making our Scents Unique to Our Brand Only. All of Our Waxes, Fragrances and Wicks are Made from Materials from the USA. 

Due to the Nature of our Candle Creations, Many Times you Will Need to Place a Plate Under Your Candle as in Many of our Designs, the Wax is Above the Rim. As your Candle Melts, the Wax Can Flow Over the Sides of the Vessel. A Plate will Protect your Burning Surface from the Spillage. This is Perfectly Safe. As a Bonus, the Overflow Wax can Easily be Removed from the Plate and then Again Used in your Wax Melters for Extra Scent Usage!! Please Follow the Care Card Instructions you Will Receive Carefully for Best Usage.

If you Do Not want to Light the Wicks, that is OK Also!! We sell Electric Candle Warmer Melters. Electric Candle Warmers & Melters are Perfect for Not Only Wickless Candles but Candles that are Wicked. Using Electric Candle Warmers Eliminates Black Walls from Smoke from Wicks and the Worry of Forgetting to Extinguish your Candle. The Best Part is when you Use the Candle Warmer/Melter Instead of Lighting the Wick, Your Candle Lasts Longer and Produces a Stronger Scent Throw!!!

We Offer a Large Variety of Styles and Scents. Our Items are Perfect for Gift-Giving, Showers, Weddings, Parties and So Much More.

We Offer Custom, Bulk and Wholesale Orders Also.