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Squeezable Wax is the Newest Alternative to Wax Melts. Made of an Oil Based Wax, it is Designed to Hold Double the Fragrance of Traditional Wax Melts Providing a Stronger Scent Throw for Longer Lasting Enjoyment. Ideal for Larger Spaces or Very Strong Scent in Smaller Spaces. Squeezable Wax Melts Much Faster than Wax Melts so Scent is Almost Immediate for Enjoyment!

Sold in 8 oz. Squeeze Pouches. They are so Easy to Use. Before 1st use Simply Lay Flat and with Palm of Hand, Gently apply Pressure to the Pouch to Soften or Knead between hands to Soften. Squeeze the Desired amount into your Wax Warmer and Enjoy!! 

Pouches are Easily Stored. Gently Soften Wax with Hands Before Next Use if Needed.

Our Handmade Products are Made of Strongly Scented, Premium Custom Blended Soy Wax. We Custom Blend All of Our Fragrances In-House, Making our Scents Unique to Our Brand Only. All of Our Waxes, Fragrances and Wicks are Made from Materials from the USA. 

We Offer a Large Variety of Styles and Scents. Our Items are Perfect for Gift-Giving, Showers, Weddings, Parties and So Much More.

We Offer Custom, Bulk and Wholesale Orders Also.

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