Collection: Vent Clip Car Air Fresheners/Car Diffusers/Car Air Freshener Scent Refills

Bring our Handmade, Best-selling car air freshener and car diffuser scents along for the ride. Keep your vehicle smelling fresh while enjoying the aromatic flavors. 

Refills Sold Separately or as a Set which is Perfect for Quick & Easy Refills.

All of our products used within the diffuser bottle are made in the USA. 

Vent clips avoid vision obstructions like other styles which hang and swing from your rear view mirror and also require you to turn them over often to refresh the scent which can lead to accidental spillage and damage from oils.

How to Use: We suggest when you initially open your freshener, you do so outside of the vehicle to avoid potential spillage. Simply untwist the wood top. Remove and discard the protective, plastic stopper inside the bottle. Place the metal vent clip ring around the top of the bottle. Tighten securely the wood top. Place the 2 diffuser reeds inside the holes in the cap. Once the Fragrance Oil is absorbed up the Wood Reeds, the scent will be released. Clip to the most used vent of your choice and Enjoy!

*The No-Scratch Vent Clip Rotates Allowing it to Fit Both Vertical or Horizontal Vents*

Use Time: On Average each 8ml bottle lasts 4-6 weeks depending on usage frequency.

**We sell 1/2 Ounce Refills for your Convenience which Allows for Approx. 3 Refills for your Vent Clip. Order your Original Scent or New Scent to Try if Desired**

Each Unit Comes in a Drawstring Pouch.