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Wax and Wix Bakery

Zucchini Bread Loaf Pan Candle. Soy Wax Candle. 3 Wick Candle. Strongly Scented Candle. 13 Ounces

Zucchini Bread Loaf Pan Candle. Soy Wax Candle. 3 Wick Candle. Strongly Scented Candle. 13 Ounces

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Wax and Wix Bakery™ is a division on Prim Patch Inc. We are a Family Owned Business and All of our Products are Handmade. All Products are made of Strongly Scented, In-house Custom blended fragrance oils that are Unique Only to our Brand. Our Custom Soy-Blended waxes allow the Maximum capacity of Fragrance oil the wax can hold for Strong scent and Prolonged use.

This 3 Wick Zucchini Bread Loaf Pan Candle is scented in the fragrance: "Zucchini Bread".  It is Designed to Burn Directly in the Provided Tin. You May Also Cut Up the Wax instead of Lighting the Candle and Place the Pieces in your Electric Wax Warmer.

This is our BEST SELLER! The Scent is nothing short of Amazing!! Super Strong Scent Throw using Very Little.

Scent Description: Fresh baked zucchini bread with hints of almond, sugar and secret spices.

Size: 13 Ounce
13 ounce provides 1 Candle in Loaf Pan.

**Each candle comes shrink wrapped to preserve scent and freshness.

Burn Time: Approx. 80 Hours Dependent Upon Burning Conditions.

Heat it, Don't Eat It™. These Products are NON-EDIBLE. Please Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets.

Please carefully follow the provided care & instruction card with each order. All items are Non-Edible. All items are hand poured and made in small batches for maximum scent retention. Colors & detailed appearance may vary Slightly from photos. No two items are exactly the same when handmade. Please make sure you Promptly bring delivered items inside as we are Not responsible for melted, etc. items.

Due to the nature of these items, we do Not accept returns or exchanges prior to purchase. We are Always happy to help.

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